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Hello, I'm Emma.

Houston born and raised. Sales analyst by trade. Humble and unafraid. 

Currently working at Shell as a Sales Analyst for Aviation Lubricants - Americas, I spend my spare time exercising my creativity, connecting with others, and challenging myself in every possible way. 

I graduated from University of Houston's C. T. Bauer College of Business in December 2017 with a BBA in Marketing, a certificate in Advanced Professional Selling through the Program for Excellence in Selling, and a certificate in Entrepreneurship.

Some of my most significant experiences include being a part of the Program for Excellence in Selling, the nation's top sales program, leading the UH chapter of an international social entrepreneurship organization Enactus, and spending a summer as an Outside Sales Intern for Hilti North America in Anchorage and Seattle. 

Sometimes I write down my thoughts. I try to keep it casual. Find those thoughts on my blog

This website is a collection of my academic, leadership, and professional experiences. Feel free to explore, and if you have questions or opportunities, please do not hesitate to contact me

    What am I up to now? July 2018 edition: 

    • Finally getting the hang of being a full-time employee! 
    • Becoming involved as a mentor in my favorite student organization, Enactus 
    • Eagerly awaiting the delivery of my brand-new Sony Alpha 6000 camera 
    • Anticipating attending the world's largest aviation conference in Oshkosh, Wisconsin (!) 
    • Reading the book Outliers by Malcom Gladwell 
    • Learning how to cook two new dishes per week 
    • Adopting a regular workout routine and trying to wrap my head around that bench press thing