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Financial Mentors of America (also known as FMA) is a Houston-based non-profit that aims to provide underserved young adults with courses on financial literacy. Over Summer 2015, I served as their Marketing Intern and managed 8 different projects over 10 weeks. 

Biggest takeaway: 

I honed my skills in time management, gained a deeper understanding of how non-profits function, and greatly developed my ability to make graphics and create videos. 

I filmed two videos interviewing both previous instructors and previous students. I used all of my own equipment to film and edit, and honed my skills in Adobe After Effects to create the intro animation. 

In addition, I created a branding guide for the non-profit. I built on an existing logo and selected new fonts, colors, and 10+ logo variations for the organization using Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and Acrobat. View it here.